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Fasteners Plus International is the “Exclusive” North American Distributor of the Hard Lock Nut & Fasteners.  The Hard Lock series is the most secure fastening solution for extreme vibration environments.

Hard Lock Nuts resist loosening from vibration longer than any other fastener or locking nut on the market. The Hard Lock Nut uses a unique wedge principle to create an unprecedented and powerful self-locking force.

Hard Lock Nuts have been proven successful for more than a decade in many industries, including railways, civil engineering, telephone, radar and power masts, towers and pylons, wind turbines towers and more.

The extremely secure connection enhances safety and reduces maintenance and inspection costs.

Please call us to discuss your vibration resistant fastener needs!!!!!

Some FAQ’s are:

  1. What Are the Best Environments for Using Hard Lock?

The Hard Lock Nut can be used in a wide range of locations including:

  • Locations subject to harsh impacts and/or vibration
  • Locations where joints are welded or bonded but it is necessary to remove them for maintenance and service.
  • Important locations where post-installation maintenance not feasible
  • Dangerous locations involving a hazard to human life
  • Locations subject to extreme temperature variations
  • Locations where very strong fastening is not possible
  • Locations in extremely tough environments
  1. Is the Hard Lock Reusable? Is Its Self-Tightening Performance Affected by Reuse?

In principle, the Hard Lock Nut can be reused many times. The actual suitability for reuse will depend on the environmental conditions of previous use, but if the nut’s material has not deteriorated or been excessively deformed, its self-tightening performance will not decline.

  1. Should a special bolt be used the Hard Lock Nut?

No. You can use the same commercially available bolts you use at present.

  1. How about environmental specifications such as hot and or cold temperature use, anti-corrosion or chemical resistance?

The Hard Lock Nut does not contain any specialized materials. It is designed to withstand any environment when the material is properly selected and coated.

  1. Is the self-locking effect sustainable even when the nut is subjected to extreme temperature swings?

Yes. When heated, the material of the nut expands and the fastening force decreases. And when cooled, the material contracts and the fastening force increases. In the case of conventional nuts, this repeated expansion and contraction of the material causes the nut to loosen. However, the Hard Lock Nut maintains its fastened condition because of the wedge effect.  It does not loosen even under repeated exposure to extremes of temperature.

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