Writing a Mission Statement – four words that can strike fear and dread into the hearts of most corporate employees and entrepreneurs, invoking visions of endless meetings and agonizing wordsmithing over every word of empty and meaningless platitudes.  Do we want to provide great products and delightful customer experiences while serving our stakeholders with the highest integrity?   Of course we do, and so does everybody else, so why bother writing that?

If we want a truly meaningful mission statement, we need to get beyond the obvious and start thinking about why we are really here.  I know it’s ultimately to make money; we all need and want that, but is that all there is?   And if you can’t get past our typical secular corporate mindset, there probably isn’t anything else.

Getting beyond this requires an evaluation of your personal worldview of things.  My own personal worldview happens to come from the Bible which states that God created everything, and therefore God owns everything and that includes our business, and the least we can do for the ultimate owner of our company is to honor his Son.  So our mission statement boiled down to a very simple objective:  “to seek and honor Jesus Christ in everything we do”, and then we added a little of the Golden Rule to “treat our employees, customers, and suppliers as we would like to be treated”.

This may not look like a typical corporate mission statement. After all, we don’t even mention our target customers or what we want to sell them.  But why limit ourselves to only what we know today?   All I can say is that we will go wherever God leads us and we will treat people well along the way.  And that’s all that really matters.  Even if there was no strategy beyond that, I think we’ll be just fine.


Trevor Olsen

February 10, 2017

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