Procure Premium Quality Anchors at Fasteners Plus

Why take risk the safety of your masonry projects with substandard anchors when you have access to reasonably priced, premium quality products at Fasteners Plus? We supply nearly 20 different varieties of anchors to enterprises in the US and abroad, in a variety of lengths and dimensions. These fastening components are manufactured in the best facilities in US. We can also help you procure imported fasteners and have them delivered directly at your site or facility in short turnaround times.

Getting the best anchors is a quick and easy process when you do business with Fasteners Plus. And to top that, we give access to high quality fasteners at surprisingly reasonable costs.

The use of anchors is almost indispensable in a variety of structures right from roadways to railways to buildings to dams to large tanks and several other structures.

Anchor Fasteners at a Glance

When you need the best products delivered rapidly to accelerate your projects, Fasteners Plus is your go-to firm. Come to us for anchors such as: drop-in, hex head wedge, hex sleeve, flat sleeve, acorn sleeve, round sleeve, mushroom head hammer drive, flat split drive, plastic, ribbed plastic, lead screw, lag screw shield, toggle wind, toggle bolt, single expansion, double expansion, hollow wall hex head, hollow wall standard, and hollow wall drive style.

For more information and assistance, please speak with a Fasteners Plus representative today. You can reach us at 708-479-5558 or email us at

Drop-In Anchor


Hex Head Wedge Anchor

Hex Head Wedge

Hex Sleeve Anchor

Hex Sleeve

Flat Sleeve Anchor

Flat Sleeve

Acorn Sleeve Anchor

Acorn Sleeve

Round Sleeve Anchor

Round Sleeve

Mushroom Head Hammer Drive Anchor

Mushroom Head Hammer Drive

Flat Split Drive Anchor

Flat Split Drive

plastic anchor


Ribbed Plastic Anchor

Ribbed Plastic

Lead Screw Anchor

Lag Screw

Lag Screw Shield AnchorLag Screw Shield
Toggle Wing Anchor

Toggle Wing

Toggle Bolt Anchor

Toggle Bolt

Single Expansion Anchor

Single Expansion

Double Expansion Anchor

Double Expansion

Hallow Wall Hex Head Anchor

Hallow Wall Hex Head

Hollow Wall Standard Anchor

Hallow Wall Standard

Hollow Wall Drive Style Anchor

Hallow Wall Drive Style