Top Source for Standard and Metric Nuts

Fasteners Plus is a leading Chicago area distributor of a premium quality of nuts and bolts. You can count on us to honor your standard as well as unique requirements for all types of fastening products. These products adhere to the prevailing chemical and physical industry-codes. Customers can procure both standard and metric fasteners from us in short turnaround times.

Over the last few years, Fasteners Plus has gained the trust of enterprises and individual contractors alike for its prompt service and high-quality product range. We await an opportunity to extend the same services to you.

Overview of Products we Offer

We offer an entire range of nuts to suit your small, medium and heavy duty fastening applications including hex nuts, square machine screw nuts, regular square nuts, nylon insert stop nuts, two-way reversible nuts, and both serrated and non-serrated flange nuts.

We offer components in materials such as stainless steel, zinc, and brass. Fasteners Plus supplies fasteners for automobiles, heavy machinery, aerospace, military applications, electrical and electronic appliances, construction machinery, agricultural applications, and so on.

To know more about how we can help you with superior fastening solutions, just speak to a Fasteners Plus Chicago representative at 708-479-5558 or email us at

Acorn Hex Cap

Acorn Hex Cap

Finished Hex Nut

Finished Hex

Heavy Nut


Hex Jam Nut

Hex Jam

K Lock Nut

“K” Lock

Panel Nut


Serrated Flange Nut

Serrated Flange Nut

Regular Square Nut

Regular Square

Square Machine Screw Nut

Square Machine Screw

Tee Nut 3 Prong

Tee Nut 3 Prong

Nylon Insert Stop Nut

Nylon Insert Stop

J Steel Spring

“J” Steel Spring

Flat Steel Spring

Flat Steel Spring

U Steel Spring

“U” Steel Spring

Hex Coupling Nut

Hex Coupling

Cold Forged Wing Nut

Cold Forged Wing

Stamped Wing Nut

Stamped Wing

Castle Nut


Two Way Reversible Nut

Two Way Reversible