Pins and Retaining Rings at Fasteners Plus

Fasteners Plus offers and wide variety of retaining rings as well as pins. While retaining rings are used for holding together various components on a shaft or in a bore, pins are fasteners that can be bent to keep other fasteners (such as rods) in place. These pins are also referred to as ‘split pins’ or ‘cotter pins’ (in the UK). We offer pins and retaining rings in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and configurations.

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Access to the best pins and retaining rings is just a call away at Fasteners Plus. We await an opportunity to supply components such as: cotters, hair pin cotters, spring, lynch, external retaining ring, E-clip, dowel, and internal retaining ring.

For more information and assistance, please speak with a Fasteners Plus representative today. You can reach us at 708-479-5558 or email us at

Hair Pin Cotter

Hair Pin Cotter





External Retaining Ring

External Retaining Ring