The Trusted Chicago Area Source for Rivets

When you need a reliable, permanent fastening component, Fasteners Plus recommends the use of rivets. We offer several different varieties of these permanent fasteners that demonstrate excellent reliability and durability. They can be installed via welding, riveting machines or manually using a hammer, bucking bar or other tools.

Rivets are used in several different applications that include building construction, aircraft manufacturing, automobile assembly, heavy machinery manufacturing, infrastructure development, and so on.

Made of the finest grade materials for long-lasting performance, our fasteners are the first choice of discerning customers.

Overview of Rivets at Fasteners Plus

At Fasteners Plus, we have the capability to honor your custom requirements for all types of fasteners.

We offer pop rivets, tube rivets, and solid rivets such as: dome head blind, large flange blind, countersunk head blind, semi-tubular shoulder, solid shoulder, flat head solid, oval head, button head solid, oval top countersunk head tapered hole, flat countersunk chamfered head straight hole, flat head countersunk straight hole, flat head countersunk tapered hole.

With such a wide variety, we are confident that you will be able to source the exact rivet-type that you need for your project.

If you are looking for the largest variety of rivets on the marketplace at affordable costs, your search ends at Fasteners Plus. For more, please speak with a Fasteners Plus representative today. You can reach our Chicago area office at 708-479-5558 or email us at

 Dome Head Blind Rivet

Dome Head Blind Pop Rivet

 Large Flange Blind Rivet

Large Flange Blind Pop Rivet

 Countersunk Head Blind Rivet

Countersunk Head Blind Rivet

 Semi-Tubular Shoulder Rivet

Semi-Tubular Shoulder

 Solid Shoulder Rivet

Solid Shoulder

 Flat Head Solid Rivet

Flat Head Solid

 Oval Head Rivet

Oval Head

 Button Head Solid Rivet

Button Head Solid

 Oval Top Countersunk Head Tapered Hole Rivet

Oval Top Countersunk Head Tapered Hole

 Flat Countersunk Chamfered Head Straight Hole Rivet

Flat Countersunk Chamfered Head Straight Hole

 Flat Head Countersunk Straight Hole Rivet

Flat Head Countersunk Straight Hole

 Flat Head Countersunk Tapered Hole Rivet

Flat Head Countersunk Tapered Hole