Your Trusted Chicago Area Source for High-Quality Screws

Fasteners Plus is the leading source of screws in a myriad of configurations and dimensions. We directly source our entire screw fasteners range from leading manufacturers to pass on the twin benefits of price and quality to our customers. What also makes our services unique is our attention to personalized customer service.

Just discuss the nature of your application with us to help you choose the most optimal screw type.

Types of Screws We Offer

  • Drywall/deck: We offer you ample choice in screws for drywall and decks. Just discuss your desired configurations pertaining to length, thread pitch, and head type such as hex head, pan head, oval, truss, fillister, etc.
  • Machines: If you need screw fasteners for machines, appliances, automobile components, and electronics, we can honor your requirements by supplying high quality fasteners.
  • Security: These are ideal when you need tamper-proof fasteners for critical components. We offer an extensive range of security fasteners that can only be loosened using special bits.
  • Self drilling screws: Fasteners Plus is the premier source for self-drilling screw types with a variety of drive systems and head styles including hex head, pan head, oval, truss, etc.

Your specialized application and installation requirements are honored with these fasteners.

  • Sheet metal/tapping: With a fairly sharp point, these fasteners are capable of fastening metal sheets as well as plastics and composites with head styles such as hex head, round, truss, etc.
  • SEMS screws: Increase the efficiency of your assembly operations with SEMS fasteners. We offer a ready inventory for immediate shipping.
  • Thread cutting: When driven into a preformed hole this screw acts as a tap and actually cuts its own mating thread.
  • Thread rolling: These fasteners significantly improve productivity, improve speed of assembly and reduce operator fatigue.
  • Wood: Achieve tight fastening between wood pieces and secure wall plugs using these fasteners.

Please browse through our website, and contact us at 708-479-5558 or email us at for more information or assistance.

Various types of Deckwall/Deck Screws – Bugle Phillips Deck Screw, Bugle Square Deck Screw, Pan Phillips Framing Screw, Square Trim, Bugle Phillips, Hi-Low Bugle Phillips, Particle Board and many more…

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High Quality and ready to ship Machine Screws is available at Fasteners Plus. We offer all types of Machine Scfrews  Flat Slotted Undercut, Binding Undercut Slotted, Flat Phillips Undercut…

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Various types of Security Screws – Button Head Socket Sheet Metal Screw, Flat Socket Cap with Pin Security, Button Socket, Cap with Pin, Security Button Socket With Pin, Pan Spanner, Flat Spanner, Truss Spanner and many more.

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Fasteners Plus offers self-drilling screws with a wide variety of head styles and drive systems to meet specialized application and installation demands. Self drilling screws offer threads designed especially for the construction industry and construction applications.

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Sheet metal screws, with a fairly sharp point, commonly used with sheet metal and plastic components. Various types of Sheet Metal Tapping Screws – Flat Phillips Type A/AB, Flat Phillips Type B, Indented Hex Slotted, Round Phillips…

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Fasteners plus offers wide range of lock washers from regular to heavy split lock washers made up of different material like carbon, steel, alloy. Pan Phillips Split Lockwasher, Pan/Phillips W/Ext Lockwasher…

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Thread cutting screws are tapping screws which have cutting edges at their point so that when driven into a preformed hole the screw acts as a tap and actually cuts its own mating thread. Thread Cutting Screws – Flat Phillips “F”, Pan Phllips “F”, Pan Slotted “F”, Trus Phillips “F”…

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Thread Rolling Screws improve the speed of assembly,reduce operator fatigue and strip-out problems, eliminate the need to pretap holes and cross threading. Various types of Thread Rolling Screws – Flat Phillips Taptite II, Pan Phillips Taptite II, Washer Unslotted Taptite II….

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Wood Screws have a smooth shank that allows the screw to pull the two pieces of wood together for a tight joint. Wood type screws are also normally used for securing into wall plugs… Wood Screws available contains Flat Phillips, Oval Phillips, Round Phillips, Flat Slotted…

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