Buttonhead Socket Sheet Metal Screw

Button Head Socket  Sheet Metal Screw

Flat Socket Cap With Pin Security Screw

Flat Socket Cap With Pin Security

Button Socket Cap with Pin Security Screw

Button Socket Cap With Pin Security

Button Socket with Pin Screw

Button Socket With Pin

Pan Spanner Screw

Pan Spanner

Flat Spanner Screw

Flat Spanner

Truss Spanner Screw

Truss  Spanner

Oval Spanner Screw

Oval Spanner

Truss On-Way Screw

Truss One-Way

Round Head One-Way Machine Screw

Round Head One-Way Machine Screw

Round Head One-Way Sheet Metal Screw

Round Head One-Way Sheet Metal Screw

Pan Phillips with Pin

Pan Phillips With Pin

Flat Phillips with Pin

Flat Phillips With Pin

Flat Torx with Pin

Flat Torx With Pin

Button Torx with Pin

Button Torx With Pin

Flat Socket with Pin

Flat Socket with Pin

Pan Torx Self Drilling Screw

Pan Torx Self Drilling

TP3 Triangular

TP3 Triangular

Get Access to the Best Security Screws at Fasteners Plus

If you need fasteners to prevent inadvertent disassembly of vital electronic or electrical components, security screws are the ideal product. As the name indicates, these screws provide security by being impossible to reverse. They can only be reversed with a special tool such as specific types of spanners, torxes, square drivers and so on.

Fasteners Plus oofers a wide range of screws that are ideal for secure fastening requirements. We customarily supply screws that are used on automobiles, appliances, electronic systems, aerospace systems, hard disk drives, and so on.

If you need security screws that meet or exceed international standards, trust Fasteners Plus to get the job done.

Security Screws at a Glance

At Fasteners Plus, we offer a wide range of screws for highly secure fastening applications.

These include: button head socket sheet metal screw, flat socket cap with pin security, button socket cap with pin security, button socket with pin, pan spanner, flat spanner, truss spanner, truss spanner, oval spanner, truss one-way, round head one-way machine screw, round head one-way sheet metal screw, pan Phillips with pin, flat Phillips with pin, flat torx with pin, button torx with pin, flat socket with pin, pan torx self drilling, TP3 triangular, and much more. We offer security screws in a wide range of metals such as stainless steel, brass, copper, and alloys.

You can choose from plated or powder coated varieties for aesthetic enhancement or corrosion-resistance. For more, please call us at 708-479-5558 or email us at info@fastenersplusintl.com.