Choosing the right type of thread forming screws is integral to the success of fastening applications. Just like thread-cutting screws, these screws also fall under the category of self-tapping screws. They form a thread that is dimensionally similar to the threading on their own shaft as they are drilled into the material in question. They form a permanent thread as they are driven into the material.

This particular category of screws features a sharp tip, sharp threads, and a fully threaded shaft for maximum grip. Fasteners Plus offers screws in a variety of screw head shapes and sizes.

Fasteners Plus helps you choose the right type of thread forming screws for secure and long-lasting fastening applications. The screws are tested for performance, so that they don’t back out or pull out of the hole easily.

It is important to note however, that the right type of thread forming screws should be chosen in keeping with the properties of the material being fastened. This will ensure that you get highly secure fastening performance from the chosen screw type.

Fasteners Plus is a leading source for the finest quality screws in a variety of dimensions, material, and price brackets

Get Access to the Largest Variety of Thread Forming Screw

Fasteners Plus customarily supplies screws for use with materials such as metals, plastics, and composites. If you too have a fastening application that involves any of these materials, get in touch with us.

This category of screws deforms the material as they are driven into it, forming a highly secure connection that will not loosen easily. However, there is always a chance that the wrong choice of screws could cause deformation or over-tightening in the material. We recommend that you discuss the compatibility of your chosen screw and material with us.

Ordering Thread Forming Screws from Fasteners Plus

Since such screws promote easy assembly and disassembly of materials, they are ideal for use with products that need regular repair and maintenance. Our trained representatives are standing by to help you choose the best fasteners. Talk to us at 708-479-5558 or email us at

Flat Phillips F

Flat Phillips “F”

Pan Phillips F

Pan Phillips “F”

Pan Slotted F

Pan Slotted “F”

Truss Phillips F

Truss Phillip “F”

Hex Washer 23

Hex Washer Slotted “23”

Pan Phillips 25

Pan Phillips “25”

Flat Phillips 1

Pan Phillips “1”

Pan Slotted 25

Pan Slotted “25”