The Exclusive North American Distributor of Hard Lock Products

When you need fail safe fastening performance in the most demanding, high-vibration applications, trust Hard Lock Nuts to meet or exceed your expectations. Fasteners Plus is an authorized distributor of the entire range of Hard Lock Nuts.

The innovative wedge-principle design of these nuts prevents them from loosening even when they are subjected to high vibrations over extended periods of time. From railways to radars to bridges to towers to wind turbines to electric equipment, Hard Lock Nuts continue to provide 100% secure connections in hundreds of applications.

These vibration proof fasteners are available in a myriad of sizes, classified from M6 to M64 making them suitable for the smallest of fastening jobs to large scale ones

Hard Lock Nut

hardlock nut

Hard Lock Bearing Nut


Hard Lock Setscrew


Hard Lock Nuts РTested For Strength and Durability The entire range of nuts has been subjected to a battery of impact and vibration tests to ensure that they delivery infallible performance for years. They have met the requirements of the NAS3350 and 3354 National Aerospace Standard. Each component is made using high-grade materials to resist corrosion and wear

Ease of Installation

The exceptionally tight connections offered by these nuts might mislead you into thinking that they require elaborate installation procedures. On the contrary, the entire range of Hard Lock Nuts has been designed such that you need just a spanner wrench for installation. It takes a few minutes to put the nuts and bolts into place and experience their high anti-loosening effect. Besides, you no longer have to worry about the high labor costs associated with re-tightening.






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