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High-Performance Socket Cap Screws from Fasteners Plus

Socket cap screws are the perfect fastening solution for heavy machinery and high-pressure hydraulic systems for their unmatched fastening attributes. These screws are also commonly referred to as socket head cap screws. The defining attribute of this screw is a cylindrical head and a hexagonal drive hole that could be of different sizes.

Fasteners Plus carries an extensive selection of socket cap screws as well as ancillary components such as socket set screw points and dry seal socket pipe plugs. We also carry short arm hex socket wrenches that are used with such screw types.

At Fasteners Plus, you can expect screws made using only the finest grade materials and manufacturing techniques. If you have thick materials that are subjected to high stress, such screws can provide impeccable fastening solutions.

Options in Socket Cap Screws at Fasteners Plus

There are several different configurations of socket head cap screws at Fasteners Plus. These include: flat head, low head, button head, and socket head cap screws. We also stock socket shoulder stripper screws, socket set screw cup point, socket set screw cone point, socket set screw half-dog point, socket set screw flat point, socket set screw oval point, dry seal socket pipe plug, flush seat socket pipe plug, and short arm socket wrench that reaches hard-to-reach spots to tighten or loosen a screw.

We can help you procure the right type of socket cap screws for your needs. Just call us at 8708-479-5558 or email us at